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Tips on How to Apply Under-Eye Glitter Eyeliner

Glitter isn't going anywhere. It is one of the staples in many makeup artists' arsenal and quite honestly it truly makes an eye look pop. Whether in a cut crease or halo eye, there's just something about that sparkle! Hot on the scene and set to take over 2019 is under-eye glitter, also known as glitter eyeliner. When applied correctly, it is absolutely beautiful. But lets not kid ourselves, the potential to create an absolute mess is high.

Amazing artists like Beauty By Melissa have brought this trend to the masses and this summer it is going to be in demand. Like any makeup technique, practice makes perfect and learning new skills as an artist is incredibly important. If you have experimented with glitter then you already know about fallout. If you don't, then allow me to explain. Fallout occurs when loose glitter specks do not stick the adhesive and then lands on either your or your client's lashes or face. It requires delicate cleanup because you cannot hide glitter with foundation. For this reason, when using glitter on your lids it is optimal to always start with eyes first.

Glitter eyeliner is a bit different in that you can do it either before or after your face application. If you do it before, be super careful around the eyes especially while concealing etc. If you do it after your face base, which I recommend, place loose setting powder underneath your eye, so that fallout can be swept away.

What You Need:

Your tools for this technique includes an adhesive ( I used the green Duo Lash Glue), your application material (for example, your makeup brush, disposable applicator etc.), the glitter, and also your mascara. I even used a small business cards I had lying around to help catch fallout.

Here are 4 tips I discovered while experimenting with this technique.

1. Line your eyes first - this provides a good colored base for you to apply your glitter on.

2. A light coat of glue is all you need to start. I selected the green version of the Duo glue because the tip is small and precise and can get under the bottom lashes without too much trouble. I delicately spread the glue using a flat definer brush from Beauty Junkees.

3. The right applicator - with this technique everything goes beneath the bottom lashes, that is why I chose the flat definer. The brush doesn't allow a lot of glitter to be picked up which is perfect to me. It allowed for the right amount at a time and allowed me to layer as necessary without too much fallout. Make sure to tap the brush before you bring it close to your face and then press the glitter into the area where you layed the glue. I made sure the business card was right below the brush each time I pressed the glitter onto the glue.

Golden Glitter Eyeliner
Glitter Eyeliner Look

4. Secure the glitter - after the glitter is applied I gently tapped it in with my finger to give it a bit more security.

When I see this technique used I often see beautiful bottom lashes. A little mascara goes a long way but glue, glitter, and lashes are a recipe for clumps. I used oil to get rid of the clumpiness on my lashes and applied a little mascara. If I wanted to be dramatic, individual lashes would do the trick as well.

✨Will you try this technique?✨

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