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  • Booking Timeframe: Please try to book your makeup appointment at least 3 hours before your event. First, this ensures that the artist has enough time for set up, service, and clean up. Secondly, it ensures that you are able to either get to and/or get ready for your event in a timely manner. For example, if your event starts at 7 PM and it requires an hour to commute to the venue, the latest you should book your appointment is at 4 PM. 

  • Personal Pre-grooming: Please ensure that your brows and any other facial hair are professionally shaped and/or cleaned up prior to your appointment.

  • Brow Surcharges: Our goal is to ensure that every client feels and looks beautiful after the appointment. That said, when eyebrows and/or other facial hair aren't groomed/removed prior to your appointment, more time is required to chisel, sculpt, and mask and some hair may still be visible through the makeup. This may add an additional 10-20 minutes (or more) to an appointment. Please bear this in mind. A charge of $15 will be added to all appointments where we are asked to perform an inordinate level of masking. We offer minor brow shaping for $10. 

  • Same Day Appointments: Same Day Appointments (SDA) incur a $15 fee and require full payment before service is secured. They cannot be booked on the website. Please contact for more details.

  • Services times are estimations. Based on skin conditions and other factors, appointment times may be longer.

Norcross, Georgia
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