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E.L.F Brow Wax Review

One of the first items I was eager to try from my recent ELF haul was the brow wax. One of the most important features on the face is the brows. It literally sets the architecture for the face. As an artist I can style brows but I don't usually market that service unless asked. That said, if I can't tweeze and groom, I'm left with working with whatever condition my clients brows are in. No shade, but it can get rough.

The brow wax was an instinct purchase and I'm glad I picked it up. It comes in pencil form and allows you to quickly slide on a coat or two to wrangle the brows. Once they're in place, I found no issue with placing a brow powder on top. In fact, the filling in process was a lot quicker and neater.

Brow hair on black women can sometimes have a subtle kink to it which makes the average brow gel a potential complication. This pencil lasted on my clients and was easy to use. I highly recommend it.

E.L.F Brow Wax Pencil

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