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E.L.F Haul

I love searching for new beauty products. I am a true to form beauty enthusiast and proud of it. My passion allows me to discover brands that being are slept on, and have a better sense of product quality. Everything that is expensive isn't necessarily better and being a beauty snob only hurts the purchaser. There are drug store products that outperform high end and vice versa. Knowing what quality truly feels like is important and beauty enthusiasts have an edge in that regard.

Speaking of quality, I used to use E.L.F cosmetics back in day when I was first venturing into really applying makeup on myself. They are a relatively inexpensive brand and great for beginners. Recently, they've truly expanded their range of products and are competing not only in the beauty industry but also in skin care. I checked out a few YouTube reviews of their products, and immediately...actually let me drop some emphasis on that...IMMEDIATELY my pockets started itching. I dropped by their Fulton street location in lower Manhattan and picked up a few goodies that people were raving about.

The skincare section was my absolute favorite. E.L.F has a whole line of paraben free products from eye creams to illuminating moisturizers. A lot of their skincare products are infused with aloe and glycerin -items known to help with skin hydration. I also picked up the much raved about HD Under-eye Setting Powder after seeing a review from Youtuber "girlswithcoupons." This is supposed to soften the look of creases under the eye and help set any concealer placed underneath. They also had super pigmented liquid highlighters, so I picked up two to try out and a natural glow stick that aims to dupe the MAC oil stick for instant dew. The brushes from their professional line have definitely gotten better! They feel soft and I personally prefer a dense brush. I picked up their stippling, contouring, and all purpose brushes.

I'll be trying out the products this week, so be sure to check in for more reviews of the haul!


Abrakah Dabra

E.L.F product picture

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