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Series: Makeup is NOT one size fits all

The title speaks for itself. Makeup is a subjective art. As an artist it depends on what the client likes and wants but also knowing what works for their skin and what will make their desired look achievable. It also takes some knowledge on skincare and prep as well.

When I took my classes I learned to do makeup based on bridal makeup; but it was bridal makeup based on a person with arguably normal skin, almond eyes, and angular face. While the technique was awesome, I have definitely run into problems when it comes to dry skin, dark skin, rounder faces etc.

The current American application trend is very Kim Kardashian. The technique provides beautiful results but I do have a number of critiques about it.

The routine is based on the client having awesome skin, using liquid foundation, being able to bake, being able to do a deep contour with cream and powder, and being able to do all of this without the makeup looking caked on. The fact is its not possible to do this for everyone.

This series will go through a number of the hurdles a makeup artist might face while trying to use this technique on everyone and I will give some advice on what NOT to do.

Again, makeup is subjective, so what I interpret as an error may not be to you. If that's the case, then keep on trucking. However, if you note that clients don't always look "right" when you do their makeup, this series' exploration can be of some assistance.

More than anything else as an artist you want your clients to feel good and your work to look good. Both end goals lend themselves to the other.

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