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Why a Bridal Trial is Crucial for Your Big Day

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

More and more, artists around the country are seeing the growing trend of brides booking regular services for what ought to be a bridal trial. Now, no one is judging for anyone cutting costs; especially in these trying times. The downside however should be obvious. You aren't going to get the same treatment and care as a one-off client as you would as a bride to be. To be honest, you shouldn't want to either, especially considering the cost of bridal makeup. Here are 3 things you miss out on if you skip the trial:

1. Your Skin Assessment

The trial is your time to get a full consultation which includes a skin assessment. Skin that is chronically dry or oily are indicative of internal issues. A trial allows your artist to see what your skin's needs are and provide recommendations. It also allows us to see how products work on your skin. This is important because waiting for a wedding day can have tragic results if the skincare products do not adequately support any underlying issues.

2. The ability to customize with a few eye looks to ensure you get your dream look for your big day.

Social media is pervasive. As a result we are bombarded with filtered makeup images and sometimes presume that a certain look would look the same on us. This is usually not the case. Eye shape, face shape, etc. effects how certain eye looks will manifest on us. By taking your inspiration but tailoring it to your eye shape, your artist can give you a realistic look at how certain shadow techniques will look on you for your wedding day. This helps you determine which eye look you really want for your big day and also if you actually want something simple, classic or more dramatic.

3. A true assessment of your artist's bridal skills and compatibility

Getting to know the person that will be doing your makeup on one of the most important days of your life is so important. The compatibility that you and your artist have will help make your day peaceful and calm as it relates to your makeup application. You want someone that is attentive and careful, patient and kind. Someone that is organized and can execute your look and your bridal party's look if applicable. Settling for just getting makeup done on your big day may save money but it shortchanges you in the long run. You want someone that is going to be a good fit and the trial lets you know if the artist you've chosen is the one for you.

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