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Corona Virus Tips for Makeup Artists

The novelty of the Corona virus has had some serious ramifications on the wedding and makeup industries. One of the biggest concerns is safety when it comes to servicing the few clients who are still moving forward with weddings, engagements, etc. Here are three tips to stay safe as an artist:

1. Carry Lysol Wipes and Spray

Sanitizing the work area before and after you set up is going to be absolutely critical when it comes to safety. Corona virus can live for hours on surfaces and protecting your kit is of paramount importance. You don't want to bring anything to your client's home and you don't want to pick up any traveler's either. Any part of your kit that touches a surface needs to be disinfected with either a Lysol wipe or sprayed down and wiped with a disposable towel.

2. Use disposables

First and foremost, this should be standard practice anyway. Disposables provide protection from cross contamination and infection if used properly. In other words, do not, under any circumstance, re-dip the tip of the disposable if it has already made contact with the client's mouth or eye area. The eyes and mouth are the main contraction points for Corona virus. Proper hygiene reduces any potential spreads.

When it comes to items like eyeliner and mascara, I suggest transitioning to a gel pot eyeliner and a tube of mascara that can be pumped onto a spoolie. Do NOT use the actual wand of an eyeliner or mascara on a client. Some mascaras can run close to $20. You might as well had thrown the money in the trash, because that is what you will have to do with the mascara and eyeliner after you service a client.

I don't recommend a beauty blender or other high-end sponges during this time. Stick to the more affordable but effective brands like Juno. Due to the proximity to both the mouth, eyes, and nose, a sponge has to be discarded.

Use disposables whenever possible.

3. Decant & Discard

Do you have a beautiful color for your client's lipstick? Great! Scoop some out and put it in a small jar before dipping the disposable into it. Cream products are the easiest to decant and I suggest using them at this time because they can stay safely in your kit without fear of spillage, if secured. If, god forbid, a client sneezes or coughs, it is much better that it be on a small sample jar of your product than a whole palette.

After you are done with the small jar, you can either offer it to the client or discard it. Either way, that product is now "tainted," for lack of a better word.


During the application process, continue to use 70% alcohol to disinfect palettes and products. Sterilize your brushes as well. Some may get damaged in the process, but guess what?...Safety first!

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