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Makeup is Not one Size Fits All: Foundation II

So in the first Foundation segment we covered two topics: coverage and texture. Those topics are really describing the various foundation products in terms of consistency. This post is the real TEA on foundations.


If you are in the market for foundation, do NOT fall for hype. Often times people confuse price with quality and practicality. For example, when I had oily skin Fenty foundation would have been great - its a demi matte formula, water based, tons of coverage. However, my skin is drier now, so once I saw demi matte, I knew it was a no-go. Dry skin and drying foundations are NOT a match made in heaven unless it is intended for very short wear- i.e a photo shoot. At a photoshoot, the artist would have taken extreme care to prep the dry skin so that once a matte foundation goes on - the skin won't look patchy. Most people aren't aware of these principals in makeup and the end results are disastrous.

Dry skin works better with dewy foundations and oily skin works better with matte foundations. Dewy foundations generally do not last as long as matte foundations.


Another thing that most people fail to realize about foundation, and makeup in general, is that makeup breaks down. Lower end products can look just as good as high end, but the longevity of the product is what matters. This is not to say that high end automatically means the wear time is longer. Speaking from experience, all makeup after 5-6 hours starts to break down, whether high or low end. You'll start to see pools of oil around the nose and brows, little on the chin, and then eventually you will start to see patches where there may not appear to be much foundation at all.

The oils on our face breaks down makeup and primer can keep it at bay for a while, the foundation formula can also assist if its a matte or demi matte foundation, but our skin is alive. There is no stopping oil.

There are a few foundations I know that can really withstand hours of wear - one is airbrush makeup from Temptu. It will still break down, but for a wedding, it is among the best in terms of longevity. Estee Lauder is also a very good choice. Their formulas dry down super matte, but feels light on the skin. Personally, I have fallen in love with theatrical makeup brands - Ben Nye, RCMA, etc. I feel like if it can withstand a Broadway performance, whats a wedding?! They are creams - so their formulas are oil based, but I skin prep with that in mind.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

The Wrap Up:

Here is what you can do when deciding on a foundation - really figure out what kind of skin you have, if you like lighter products on the skin or if you can tolerate heavier coverage, how long you will need the makeup to last (a few hours versus a full day), and be honest about the age (wrinkles, sag, etc.) and condition of your skin (discoloration, texture, pimples). Don't walk into Sephora and ask for a light coverage foundation, and then be upset when you have to use a lot to cover discoloration or have to buy an additional product for color correction. Don't walk into MAC and say you want a high coverage foundation but be disappointed when the formula is thick. You can not go foundation shopping without disclosing all the pertinent information that a sales rep may not know just by looking at you. Cosmetic companies have a wide range of products, but as a consumer you have to know not only what you want, but what you NEED.

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