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Makeup is NOT one size fits all: Skin prep

When it comes to priming, knowing your client's skin type is paramount. So is understanding that you don't have to follow the crowd. I start off any job by asking the person what is their skin type. Based on that information here are my next steps:

1. Eye Cream - this is for everyone. All...the...time. A good under-eye area helps prevent concealer from creasing and cracking when product is applied. For older clients, dry under-eyes could mean that wrinkles appear more pronounced and that would be a disaster for the application. If you need to color correct that area, moisture also helps product spread. The under-eye area is very sensitive and a good base help products slip and slide more to reduce friction.

2. Moisturizer - You don't have to get some fancy oil or $50 moisturizer. One that is hydrating and will work with the products you intend to use is key. A water based moisturizer is better for oily skin because it absorbs into the skin and wont leave extra shine. An oil or thicker moisturizer works for people who have dry skin. For people with combination skin, I suggest simply going with a water based moisturizer and then using the primer stage of the makeup application to tailor to that person's needs.

If you are going to be using water based foundations, please try to limit the use of oils in your skin prep. It's hard to know the chemistry of a product like foundation because knowledge is so superficial, but trust me when I say you will see a difference. Oil and water don't mix well and whereas you can get away with water based skin prep and an oil or silica based foundation, vice versa is not true. This will be covered more in the articles on priming and foundation.

Last but not least, one of biggest mistakes people make is not giving the skin care time to absorbs or settle on the skin. Time is often a factor for artists and enthusiasts alike so I suggest finding an application method that works for you and allows you to maximize your products. You might want to do eye shadow and brows first, stopping short of lashes and liner. Then apply your skincare. Go back to finish the eyes by completing lashes and liner. This will give your skincare enough time to soak in.

As with all things, Makeup is fun, so enjoy it.

Signing out for now,

Abrakah Dabra <3

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