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New York Fashion Week

I had the pleasure of working during NY Fashion Week. As a newer professional makeup artist I was absolutely honored and a bit anxious about what it would be like. Of course it was a whirlwind, but below is a list of things that I noted and learned.

1. Station/Kit set up is KEY!

Timing is crucial and a model does not have an hour for an artist to finesse their face. Placing your items in your order of operations cuts down time and also allows you to account for all the items in your kit. Most models needs a face cleaning and the application, so set up skin prep, then eyes, primer, face, and blush/highlighting products in that order. Also organizing your brushes in advance saves time.

2. Quick brush cleaning is paramount

A rag, some Cinema Secrets brush cleaner and a set of brushes that allow for easy cleaning will help immensely. I recommend also having multiple brushes for foundation as it will allow you to quickly move from client to client. Synthetic brushes are great for packing on color but are a bit harder to clean so having to not worry about a deep cleaning saves time between clients.

3. A good application routine has to be flexible

If you have a model with discoloration and hyperpigmentation, you should be comfortable enough with the products you are using to know how to adapt. If your station is set up everything should be easily accessible. Assess the model's face first and ask them about their skin type. Then depending on their needs either color correct before foundation or after.

4. Bring your own water

You're moving a lot, in sometime non air-conditioned venues, and you will get thirsty. While some agencies offer water, it should be assumed they will not.

6. A positive attitude is important

With all things, service with a smile is a must. Be positive! Lighten the models' mood because their anxiety is probably as high as yours if not higher.

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