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The Skin Prep Experiment

I have pretty dry skin. This means that for my makeup application I have to be very careful about making sure my skin prep is on point, because dry skin and makeup leads to cracks and cake face. It also leads to clogged pores because my face will try to soak up anything that I put on it.

While I do love my primers, I have also been experimenting for the past month with only using oil as a primer. Many of you may have seen the Farsali elixers floating around Instagram. They're pretty and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and supple. I am actually a pretty big fan of the products. I haven't felt the need to purchase them, however.

I've been experimenting with Rosehip Seed Oil. The benefits of this particular oil are numerous on the skin care end. It is anti-inflammatory, full of vitamin C and Lycopene and non-greasy. It is light in formula and skin actually soaks it up as opposed to having it sit on top. Huffington Post did a great article on the benefits you can read here.

I've used silicone primers prior to the oil because for the most part these primers work great with dry skin and helps minimize patchiness. I still use it from time to time, to be honest.; but I am absolutely sold on Rosehip Seed Oil.

In terms of my makeup kit, the oil lets me perform a face massage that allows me to hydrate my client's skin and also warm up their skin so that subsequent products apply better.

Have you trued oil as primer before? How did it work for you?

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