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The One Lip Trick You Should Know!'ve found the perfect lipstick and you decide to wear it out. Your lips are moisturized, no dead skin, and ready to go. You put on the lipstick, and head on out the door. You have to reapply after your first cup of coffee, then after lunch, then after a bottle of water, then at Happy Hour. Throughout the day, the reapplication process becomes a labor of love.

There's a Hack!!!

So to be honest, I actually saw this tip in a video posted by British artist Lisa Eldridge. She had a series recreating makeup from Hollywood's leading ladies from the 50s and 60s. One of the posts was about Marilyn Monroe. Now if you recall any poster you've seen of Marilyn Monroe, you'd easily recall her famous red lips. Well, here's the trick....setting powder.

After you put the first layer of lipstick down, tap a little setting powder on top - a white translucent is best. I personally use my RCMA setting powder. You will instantly see the lipstick mattifying (drying down). I like to rub my lips together after that to help even out the powder but you don't have to. I like to apply a second layer after that and a little more setting powder.

I can tell you this...there will still be transfer with only two layers. In the video Lisa posted, she stated that Marilyn's makeup artist would use way more than two. But, I have eaten a whole meal and drank a couple drinks (don't judge me, lol) and I did NOT have to touch up and reapply my lipstick. This trick wont stop transfer in its entirety but it makes a huge difference.

Try it out!

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