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How to Stop Makeup Transfer: Mehron Skin Prep Review

If you wear makeup you have surely experienced makeup transfer. Makeup transfer is when your foundation transfers to another object and it is extremely embarrassing. As a makeup artist, I am not only concerned about if the makeup "looks good" but if it performs as well. Longevity is one thing, but functionality of the makeup is also important.

I got a tip from professional makeup artist Barbie Blaze (IG:iambarbieblaze) about Mehron Skin Prep aka "No Sweat" after noticing how matte and flawless her skin looked. She recommended to used it as a setting spray as opposed to a toner.

Mehron Skin Prep

Now I'm going to be raw about this, as a toner (having used it as prescribed by the brand) was NOT my cup of tea. I felt like my makeup looked oily AF and i was still sweating. The bottle doesn't have a spray nozzle so I had to get one from the beauty supply to transfer it into, but when I say it SLAYYYYEEDDD!!!...I mean it!! I made a quick demo video for you guys to see what I'm talking about.

Funnily as a setting spray I feel like it lives up to its intended purpose more than as a toner. Weird, right?!

Anyway, this is now officially inducted into my kit and if you do decide to scoop it, let me know if you love it as much as I do. My tip is to not overdo it on the spray, I do about 3-4 spritzes around my face and I let the product dry.

Makeup is art, remember to always have fun! <3

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